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Available Folder/Inserters For Sale

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Francotyp-Pastalla FOLDER/FOLDER

Model: FPI 2000
Serial No.: 08DX 5228 062.2
Manufacturer: Francotyp-Pastalla AG&CO.

Can fold 1 Ietter with 1 business reply envelope and insert and seal envelope

FrancoTyp-Postalia 2 And 1/2 Stations

Model: Type FPI 2000
Serial No.: 09DX 8472 062.2
Manufacturer: FrancoTyp-Postalia AG&CO

Can fold 2 letters and business reply envelope into #10 envelope and seal

FrancoTyp-Postalia 4 Station FPi 5500 FOLDER/INSERTER

Model: FPi 5500
Serial No.: 08EF 6040
Manufacturer: FrancoTyp-Postalia AG&CO

Fold 3 letters and business reply envelope into #10 envelope and seal

Francotyp-Postalia FPI 2000 Folder/Inserter

Model: FPI 2000 SOLD
Serial No.: 05D0-7957
Manufacturer: Francotyp-Postalia AG & CO

Insert 2 letters and business Reply into envelope

HASLER M 3000 Folder/Inserter

Model: M 3000
Serial No.: MACH.NR 05D0-8603
Manufacturer: Hasler

Hasler m 3000 folder/inserter can Letter folder 2 letters and insert into envelopes and seal

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